Saved Searches [1147]

I see wish list for specific snakes, I would like to see a gene wish list that I can sort out snakes for sale using my shopping list of genes. So example. I want an Ivory, leopard, bamboo, clown and pastel morph. In my profile I have those genes and an ability to shop off that list.

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So sort of like a “saved search” feature?


I’m interpreting it as a saved search that will put an animal in the results if it hits on even just one of those traits. So it is meant to be a way to browse through lots of snakes at one time that you might be interested in?


I would love to be able be able to save multiple searches.

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Yes, I spend so much time looking around. I am building my collection so having a customized way to shop would be awesome. Would also be awesome to have the ability to be notified when something we are looking for is posted. This could most definitely be helpful in the harder to find genes.

Yes, its on our list as Saved Searches. Wishlist which we have renamed to saved items is for individual ads. Thanks.