Saving christmas rubbish

So Christmas is coming up and many of us are going to be filling our recycling bins and garbage with rubbish, but a lot of this can be saved and used. Just throw it in your cupboard and keep it as spares.

Celebrations/Hero’s tubs (the big family chocolates filled with individual ‘fun’ size bars): use a soldering iron or razor to cut a doorway… You now have a decent size hide. (You can even use expanding foam and make it look like a rock with a bit of work.)

Wrapping paper: any big scraps can be used pattern down as long as it is changes as soon as soiled on so the colour does run.

Little boxes: temporary hides.

Medium boxes: temporary hides, lay boxes

Large boxes: can either be sliced up to size and used as a temporary substrate or if you just have your reptile stuff here, there and everywhere get it all nice and tidy.

Zip ties: zip ties can be undone with a razor and a little wiggling and have no end of uses from wire tidying to holding your thermostat to your rack.

Polystyrene: if you are making a custom background or sending animals across the country I’m sure can find a use.

I’m sure we can come up with many more and we might aswel make the most out of it.

It may not be pleasing to the eyes but you’ll thank yourself one day.


It’s getting to be that time of year again. :christmas_tree:

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