Scale counts for boas

Scale counts for boas. Though some people would like this info.

Most pet store call all there boas True Red Tail Boas just so they can charge more money for them. Post some pictures of your boa and me and some others will give you are opinion of what yours are.

Most B.C.C you see are Suriname’s, Guyana’s and Brazilian BCC but there are a few others too. Most of your B.C.C have some widow peaks / bat wings on there saddles, kind of looks like this <) (> and they will have nicer looking tail color mostly red and sometimes orange. Suriname’s tend to be more pink / red in body color and Guyana’s tend to be red / purple in body color. Brazilian BCC tend to be gold in there body color. Now B.C.I will all most never have widow peaks / bat wings on there saddles but there are a few that will have small widow peak / bat wings. There saddles will look like this ) ( most of the time. Also B.C.C will grow slower than the B.C.I but they will get bigger. Here are the scale counts for B.C.C and B.C.I. Boas.

The surface or side of the body normally oriented upwards, the top of the snake, is the dorsal side; the opposite side, the belly is the ventral side. The subcaudals scales are the belly scales from the vent to the tip of the tail. The saddle count is taken from the head to the vent.

Use a good shed to do the dorsal rows, subcaudals and ventrals counts. Much easier that trying to count them on your boa when it moving around. Plus boas don’t like being upside down.

Here are the scale counts for you.

scale counts - 75 to 95 dorsal rows.
227 to 250 ventrals.
49 to 62 subcaudals.
Average 15 to 21 saddles.

scale counts - 56 to 79 dorsal rows.
225 to 253 ventrals.
47 to 65 subcaudals.
Average 22 to 30 saddles.

BCA ( Amaral Boa)
scale counts - 71 to 79 dorsal rows.
226 to 237 ventrals.
43 to 52 subcaudals.
Average 22 saddles.

BCL (Longicauada)
scale counts - 60 to 76 dorsal rows.
243 to 247 ventrals.
50 to 67 subcaudals.
Average 19 to 21 saddles.

BCO (Occidentalis)
scale counts - 65 to 87 dorsal rows.
242 to 251 ventrals.
45 subcaudals.
Average 22 to 30 saddles.

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