Scale rot, dirt, or injury

So I was wonder if this was scale rot, dirt, or an injury. My snakes substrate is coconut fiber which is small and runny and possibly could get stuck under the scales. But I was want to back sure it’s not scale rot or anything. So please Respond and help me. I’m worried if it is scale rot.

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I’m lost on what you mean by runny? Like wet, mushy?
What are your husbandry conditions?

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I meant to say tiny. I don’t know why it autocorrect to runny. His humidity goes between 40-60 but I’m trying to keep it at 55%. His enclosure isn’t wet.

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When it says runny I meant to say tiny!

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That is not scale rot. Looks like it is probably just particulate matter. I would not stress over it but keep an eye on it


Thank you! I was wanting to wait till he shed to see if it went away. But I just didn’t want it to be scale rot.

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Probably coconut😁


So just the coconut fiber under his scales? Will it come out after shedding or is there a way to get it out?


You could soak him in ~80°F water, filled to half way up his body for half an hour or so and see if that does anything? Or maybe try wiping him down with a wet cloth? It won’t cause any harm, likely it will come off with a shed but unless you change bedding some will probably always stick around. I wouldn’t worry too much either way as long as your setup isn’t overly humid or any other factors that might contribute to actual scale rot.


Okay, thank you for the advice. I’ll try wiping it off first if not I’ll soak him. But he does look like he is starting to shed so I’ll wait till after. Thank you!!

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