Scaleless FL Banded Water snake

One of a kind. This male was found last fall as a baby. He lives here now.scalelessflwatersnakeb


Found in the wild?

So cool. Glad to see it has scutes.

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Have there been documented cases were scaleless snakes have no scutes? Are they mobile?

Wow, so I did some research myself. I was surprised at how many wild caught scaleless snakes have been reported. As far back as 1942. Snakes ranging from juvenile through adult…and thriving. Even found a few scientific studies showing heat and moisture loss ratio compared to to normals. Still haven’t found anything on lacking ventral scales. Interesting to say the least.

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All scaleless colubrids ever so far have had ventral scales, as does this one. This is the only scaleless I have ever seen make it to captivity, if you google ‘Scaleless Water snake’ you will find pics of 2 US subspecies of water snake as scaleless (and most of those pics are this snake I just posted) as well as a few pics of a scaleless asian water snake that was recently discovered. This snake was found in the wild last year, I tried to get it then but failed. But now have him and a normal female.

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