Scaleless head or microscale

Hi guys what is the difference between scaleless head and microscale? Thanks


Different lines that are not compatible, the Microscale is NERD line.


From what I understand, The micro scales have reduced heat pits or none at all. And the scales do look micro from what I’ve seen. They describe it as a pebble like scale. They have missing scales on their head just like a scaless head though.



So they are not different lines, they are completely different genes. Interesting.

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Nerd or Barczyk have a video up where Kevin explains it with Brian. I forget who’s it is, it was older.

Not sure why they would want to breed BPs without heatpits or with smaller ones. At that point it is a deformity just like duckbills, bug eyes, and kinking. No wonder less people work with microscale. Glad I know now that they aren’t just different lines.


Some people like bug eyes though,. You count out most of the Bel line over wonky eyes? Regarding the heat pits, I think it’s pretty cool that it devoloped that unique thing to the gene. It doesn’t seem to be a problem,. I don’t know I’m not familiar with it but they haven’t been said to be a problem.

Does anyone have experience with a super scaless or super micro? Do they require anything special?

For super scaleless, they reportedly need higher humidity (too high humidity can lead to health issues like RIs in BPs), and don’t have belly scales so they can’t be kept on anything other than paper towel/newspaper without risk of getting stabbed by bedding. They are special needs just like silkies in beardies.

Anything that has a physical deformity that could potentially affect them badly (some bug eyes can be so bad they rupture or get injured easily) isn’t something I will participate in or consider a good thing. I don’t care for BELs, but if I did get one I would avoid the ones with bug eyes. Just like I do for any other animal, like BEL rat snakes with bug eyes.

A BP being born without heatpits is like someone being born partially blind. They use heat to see food more than their normal sight given they are nocturnal (there is a reason we have to make their food warm for them to want to eat in most cases). Sure, blind people and blind snakes can function, but would you willingly want to inflict that on them? I wouldn’t.


A lot of people keep all of their snakes on paper towels or newspaper. They are high maintenance, but they are different and some people find the project interesting. I just watched someone rub bag balm on his scaless snake. I think a soft tank display setup would be cool for one. I’m not too interested in breeding them but would like one maybe, one day. They’re no different than any other domesticated high maintenance animal. You could pick apart dog breed by breed with known complications/deformities.

I don’t know about the heat pits, The snakes eat from what I understand, they move around and act no less normal from what I’ve seen. I’m no expert but people that push the limits and take risks change things