Scaleless Snake Care

I’ve been eyeing some scaleless colubrides and wondered if there is any special care needed for scaleless snakes?

Typically higher humidity and a simple enclosure is best. No sharp hides or sharp substrate (paper towels is typically used) but there should be rough items to help with shedding. Live feeders can be dangerous since a bite would be much more dangerous.


So would a bioactive enclosure work well? It would help keep humidity higher.

I personally wouldn’t since it could be harder to monitor the snake and I’m not sure if the isopods would try eating the snake (highly unlikely). However it would likely work if enough preparation was put in it.


I haven’t worked with them personally (although I would LOVE to!), but from what I’ve read and heard from others is that they basically don’t require any special care. They still have full belly scales (and an egg tooth, so they shouldn’t need help hatching). I would only be cautious of putting anything sharp in their enclosure, but honestly, I wouldn’t put anything sharp in a normally scaled snake’s enclosure either.


Awesome. Thanks for the responses. I was worried their skin required some type of special care.

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I’ve had scaleless Texas rat snakes for years. I keep them the same as my other snakes and feed live. No problems at all. They just shed a lot more than their scaled counterparts and require more humidity during shedding.