Scaling issue when using safari but not the app

Anyone else have issues loading the forum with Safari? Since this weekend the top row icons for me are vertical and each is half the size of my screen. It won’t let me navigate around the page either. I would upload a photo but the app refuses to access my photo folder and only wants to load things from my document folder…


This is what I get when trying from my safari and not the app.


That is unfortunate that you are not able to access the features.

Yesterday, I heard from some other reptile marketplaces that iOS temporarily cut-off their website from Safari. I think it is a security problem. That is all I have heard. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Google Chrome works well for me. No problems.


Hmm I’ll have to try it in chrome.

@steelserpents mine looks different but now that I think about its displaying in html like yours is.


@ballornothing please can you share some screenshots?

Ive bumped the icons back down to two, let me know if it looks better.

This seems like a different issue … is anyone else having this problem?

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This may be a case of our site’s securities being in conflict with an autofill-enabled configuration in your browser.

Can you try to disable autofill, allow cookies, clear your cache and try again?
Remember, you want to clear not


Yeah probably lol. I never use it on my safari but thought I would try. But yes I got it to work.


I’ll do it on the pc once I get to my office. The app is only accessing the ‘files’ folder on my iphone and not my photo library.


Deleting all of my browsing data fixed it but that’s not an awesome solution for me because of how much I use Safari for work. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again.

This is what it was doing


Im just searching Meta for a reason this is happening… maybe another forum is experiencing/experienced the same issues.


I’m wondering if it’s local to my phone? Now this is happening intermittently.

YES!!! I experience this too. Even for the most simple websites, it thinks that it is impersonating that site. I should have brought that up earlier, but it is not just MorphMarket for me.
Only on Safari. I can access the same websites on Google Chrome on the same device.

It won’t let you override it. You are forced to go back to your search.

This is why Samsung is better than Apple. :slight_smile: