Scammer warning

Just wanted to give everyone a warning that there is someone out there trying to impersonate breeders on Morph Market calling and asking for money. They call with a hard luck story and try to get you to send money to “help a fellow breeder out”.

I have personally received 2 of these calls and they pretended to be well known breeders.


That is horrible. People like this are who give reptile keepers a bad name. I believe that MM has a buyer rating system as well so if you are a seller interacting with a buyer you can rate them as well or report them. I think that is the best course of action. Thank you for making people aware.

You may have misunderstood me. These are not real buyers and sellers. They are using the info on Morph Market to attempt to scam. The two breeders that were impersonated in the calls to me are well known, trusted good people and someone is using their good names to try and scam.

Just be careful.

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The only way they have your number is that if you gave it to them. Or you have it in your personal information and that info is available to whoever you inquiry to. Or someone knows you and your number and your interests.

I am a breeder.

My phone number is in the breeder directory like most breeders. That’s how they have my number.

I guess technically I did give them (and everyone else) my number by doing business just like almost every other breeder has. To be clear, I’m speaking to other’s that are in the directory. My concern isn’t just that someone will fall for this and lose money, it’s also that the reputations of those they impersonate will be damaged.

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I am flagging @john in on this as it seems like something upper management needs to be aware of


Yup thanks @t_h_wyman

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Oh wow thank for clearing it up. That makes it a bit more scary if they are somehow getting info of other users.

I think we’re soon going to restrict access to numbers and emails to only logged in users, and this way we’ll be able to suspend such people. As it stands, there’s not much we can do when they use the public info to start hitting up breeders.

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Thanks for giving this a look.