Scared hachlings or aggressive ball python?

So 15 years of keeping and breeding ball pythons. I’ve watched video of people pulling out multiple pythons from the same termite mounds. I have come to the realization maybe we were wrong. Yes it’s safer and everything. Housing them alone. But for scared aggressive snakes try it !
Only once you feed each one put a male and female together. “Or vice versa” Size doesn’t matter. One being the aggressive or scared one. After a week of this I have found 99% change in the aggressive/ scared pythons behavior. I don’t support keeping multiple snakes togeather for longer than a week unless breeding. Just rinse and repeat once they eat again.

!!!Pay close attention during this period!
The same sex tossed in can cause stress and them to snake fight :snake:!!

Please let me know how this works for everyone. My guess is the movements of the other snake teach the other to relax.


Hmm, that’s an interesting theory. I can see how it might make sense.

Semi-related, I keep my clutches together in a 6 qt tub until the first shed. I split them up in smaller groups if there are more than 5. They all tend to clump together in a single pile. As soon as they shed, they get their own tub.

My theory is that it helps them feel more secure. I believe that they would naturally stick close to the nest, digesting the last of their yolk, until the first shed, then likely leave at that point in search of food.

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Interesting. What about females that are close to breeding size but not there yet? If my super scared and defensive gets bred she will probably not do well. (we named her lucyfur, she is a rescue my friend did and it turned out the neglect she suffered from destroyed any nice this snake had. He got her back eating, and a that came from the neglect. She is my best eater. Got some weight on her, when i got her she was still weak and thin. She is now 1000 grams beauitful snake just has the devil attitude) i her condition now eggs will kill her. She doesnt have the fat reserves yet.

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I was leaning more with hachlings or sub adult. If she was abused she may never be nice. I do wish you luck.

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