Scheduled Listings

I would really appreciate it if I could schedule a listing and when the listing goes live that’s when renewal countdowns starts. It would be incredibly convenient and so nice to be able to tell a potential customer that an entire listing will go live at a specific time, instead of slowly putting together listings or putting together listings privately only to make them public and have them not show first in the recent listings section.


So, basically dont count them as “new” until they are first listed for sale?..:thinking:


That’s what I was thinking!


So there are two parts to your request:

  1. Schedule a future time
  2. Don’t start the “timer” until it’s live.

The second one is already done. We added this during this year, when we added NFS and Offspring Groups. This way you don’t get penalized for an offspring group baby which takes 6 weeks to become established. Once it’s first listed For sale is the timestamp used.

The scheduled part would be convenient too, but IMO less essential.


This is important. I’m glad that this has been implemented. It prevents penalizing those of us who may hold babies for an extended period for various reasons. True, sometimes the wait for getting established feeding. Sometimes I want to get to know personalities, sometimes I want to watch color develop. Sometimes something else. I am glad that the date listed for sale will be the date actually listed for sale!