Score at the expo!

Went to a nearby expo and snagged some real cuties! I got two dinker sisters, one is definitely a bongo and the other is a pos bongo. One of them has all black eyes too which is gorgeous imo. They’re both rather upset right now though as they’re from the next city over and have been driven for an hour so I don’t have any dorsal view pics atm but just wanted to share the new cuties! I also put a fire orange dream on hold and a leopard pastel on hold, both have gorgeous expression in em and I’m excited to pick them up. Last pic is of the orange dream fire



That fire OD is beautiful! I picked up a pair of Lesser ODs for a steal yesterday to hope for super OD at some point.
The blushing on that boy is beautiful though!

By dinker, they were from a dinker x bongo pairing? I always worry about trying too hard to see something that actually isn’t there, but I hope the pos proves out for you! I love how spicy the one on the bottom looks in the last photo of them. So cute :heart:


Bottom one is actually the only one that didn’t try to bite me lol! It was actually a Calico x Bongo Lesser! Apparently both clutches the pairing had had a weird dented nose with two “horns” above the nostrils, it’s present on both babies I got but one is a lot more expressive than the other, then both of them have very weird geometric completely clear side markings kind, the bongo also has some really cool facial spots and flecking which I thought was neat but you see that every once in awhile in a bongo, mostly looking at the dented nose on them but also very intrigued by the square side markings on the one and the nearly unbroken back stripe on the pos low expression bongo, guy said that she MIGHT be bongo but I doubt it given the rather light coloration and very present dorsal line that is completely detached from the sides for the most part


Here’s a good example on her. Either way for purchasing what was marked as normals I’m very happy since I only paid 40 for the both lol. Bad angle as she’s very squirmy and is bent over in the pic so the markings look very bent but overall she has very geometric ventral spots

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Here’s a pic of the mentioned “nose horns” my hands are shaky for medical reasons so I can’t get the best pics but I tried lol, also not too good an angle but she was terrified of the camera so I didn’t want to dawdle around getting the pic for too long. Forgot to share this earlier



*yes, this is a complete sentence :crazy_face:

Oh man, I know how that is! Thyroid issues for mine.

That little snoot is too cute. trying to act all tough.

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