Sealant for Styrofoam

I am building a snake enclosure and I am using Styrofoam sheets to insulate the walls and give them a rocky look, my question is cam you use or has anyone used Drylok? I know it will adhere to the styrofoam as I’ve used it before on Halloween decorations I custom made in the past. Would this be a safe product to use inside an enclosure for a ball python? Thanks for your advice and input

Yes you can use drylok! I know a lot of people who have used it. You just need to seal it after

Thanks, that’s good to know, i just wanted to make sure

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What do you recommend as a good sealant to go over the drylok?

Water based polyurethane. You’ll need a few coats

Spray cans of polycrylic are easy and super faster. I’d get matte finish.

Thanks for the advice, 1st time trying my hand at s custom build like this. Here’s what i have so far laid out, nothing is glued yet. From the hide up in going to do rock shapes and affix it to the walls like the example shown below, after i drylok it I figure I’ll going thru and paint it to give it more of a rock look instead of the plain drylok. Hope it turns out as good as I have it in my head.

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Sorry here are better pics of the hide


That looks awesome so far!! I can’t wait to see how it progresses, I hope you’ll share pictures of the process.

Goodies from Amazon just arrived, i have 2 types of heat lamp bulbs i ordered, still have to get the housing for that, i have a led light, i have a heating and cooling controller, a fan and a vent to install on the sides. I figure the heat lamp will heat the enclosure especially since it’s insulated with the styrofoam and if it gets too hot the controller can turn off the heat lamp and turn on the fan if needed to bring the temp back down. The led light will provide light for when the heat lamp isn’t on without additional heat. Plan on adding a reptile fogger and humidity controller to this setup eventually too. I’ll post pics as I get the build progressing to update those that care to see the progress. If you look close you can see some of the rock shapes I’m cutting out of scrap pieces, the doors will eventually be acrylic sheets on hinges with latches to keep them closed and secure.


Just finished the inside layout and got it all glued in with Loctite. The blank spaces on the side walls are for the vent and fan. I think for the first time it’s turning out pretty cool, wanted to have it done this weekend but that’s not going to happen. I have allot to do yet. Thought I’d post the progress.