Search for "Creamsicle" as a trait pulls up results for Amel

I know it’s possible this will be covered in the updates happening, but I just wanted to make sure.

If you search “Creamsicle” in Corn Snakes, the search synonymizes it with Amelanistic. This is misleading since a Creamsicle would, in terms of traits, would be listed as both Amel and Rootbeer. When I search “Rootbeer” I get three results, one of which is a Creamsicle. When I search Creamsicle as a keyword I get 25 results.

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That’s because keyword searches aren’t searching by the genes themselves, as far as I’m aware.

When you do a keyword search it’s looking at the animal title, and ID of the animal, not the genes in itself. All of the animals that show up (25 results) when you type in creamsicle are there because they have creamsicle in the title.


I know, which is the problem. Searching it as a trait should bring up one result, not the 658 Amelanistic results. I’ll try to explain myself a bit better.

Currently Creamsicle is a searchable “trait”, but it doesn’t actually exist as a trait in the category yet. What is instead happening is this trait search kicks back results for all Amels instead of Amel + Rootbeer. I don’t know if this was already this way and I’m just noticing it, or if it’s part of some of the updates and is actually showing up when it shouldn’t just yet.

Short version: I should not be able to search Creamsicle as a trait because it doesn’t exist and right now it should default to searching the keyword instead.

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Hi Nathan, I was curious about your post so I went over to MM to see what you meant. Am I imagining things, or are some corns that are listed as Creamsicle in the title but only as Amelanistic in the traits? If I understand correctly, the listing(s) would be inaccurate? I also tried a few workarounds to the search to see if I could get an accurate output of Creamsicles but I was not successful.

Maybe there is both the problem of the bug but also lack of accurate classification of traits that make up the Creamsicles (which would mean that those who are listing a snake in the title but not having Rootbeer in the traits portion of the ad are incorrect and/or unaware that amelanistics = dreamsicles). Please correct me if I am spouting nonsense, as I am completely unfamiliar with corn snakes and their morphs/traits.


I might not be Nathan, but you are correct. It’s a combination of incorrect labeling, misunderstandings by sellers, and MM’s lack of a Creamsicle trait (which is to be added and will likely help remedy this situation).

A big part of the problem is that Great Plains rat snake has been upgraded and downgraded between subspecies and species multiple times over the past few decades, which has really muddied the waters on what Creamsicles are and how they’re labeled. Plenty of breeders sell them now as just “Creamsicle corn snakes” with no mention of the fact that they originated as a rat snake cross.

At this point I’m probably being nitpicky, since there’s not really “pure” corns in the hobby unless they’re wild caught (and even then it’s not a guarantee) but I feel like we should at least try not to blur things even further.


D’oh! Sorry Jess! I saw Nathan’s comment and totally missed the fact that he wasn’t the one I was responding to :woman_facepalming:


So the issue here is as you all have mentioned, that Creamsicle is not a trait currently, but rather an alias for Amel.

We will be removing the alias and creating a new trait combo called Creamsicle, which will be “Amel + Rootbeer”.

@noodlehaus this is the right path correct?


Yes, exactly that!