Search Saved Items [753]

I would love to be able to use the search features on my saved list, including a search field for category - so a search that brings up all the kingsnakes I have saved or all the western hognose, or all the ball pythons who are orange dream, etc… You have search features on all the categories. It can’t be THAT hard to apply them to the saved list, can it?


This relates to functionality of the application.
In the Favorites function the menu (home, etc) at the bottom of the page is locked. It doesn’t collapse like is does in all the other MorphMatket screens so you can’t choose to move forward to another page in your list. Could you also add the page prompt to the top of the menu as well?

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I’d like to be able to sort/search my saved list in “Grid” view. by price low-high, by seller, by male/female ect. just like in the main MorphMarket pages. I understand we already have this option in the saved items under list mode by clicking the different categories header line… but even then, when you switch pages in your saved list the sorted items don’t carry over to the other pages if you have a long saved list…which I generally do. It would also be kind of cool if while in grid mode to be able to select multiple items and then click “compare” to bring only those items up onto a separate page. I’m often saving multiple adds of snakes with the same morphs and before I go to buy one it would be nice to “compare” those specific adds on a page so I can narrow down my choice even further.


Example, I have 57 items currently in my saved list. I’m planning on purchasing maybe 4-6 of those items. I’d like to be able to narrow down my field of saved choices.


I agree, I wish “Saved” was an option under the main search filter (which is seriously such an excellent filter) so that I can see if I have anything saved under X parameters. It would be so convenient- say you’re checking the latest male clown ball python listings and decide to compare what you see to what you already had saved in terms of male clown balls, or say you’re looking at a big breeder and get curious as to whether or not you’ve saved any of their listings- just go to the filter and tick the “Your Saved Listings” box and boom- you see what you’ve saved from this breeder.

Due to the lack of concise filters, my saved list is really only useful for me to recognize the posts I revisit as high interest.

I’ll browse consistently- if I reclick the same ad multiple times and find the snake appealing across different moods/times, I move towards a purchase when possible. Seeing the blue square lets me know that I was veery interested at another time. But the saved list? Basically decorative due to everything being shoved together. It’s not helpful when every side project is in one place -please just show me the female pieds I had saved lol. I’m not going through all 60+ saved items


Guys & gals good news, we are actively working on a new saved animals page. It will be a lot like the Animal Manager interface that you can use to organize your animals. Meaning, it will have the ability to view as a list or gallery, search, and apply filters, as well as select multiple an do bulk actions.

You can expect it later this summer!


I am so happy about this.


Just a thought, I would love if we could use the advanced search tool to search saved items! I’ve got over 200 animals saved (yikes lol!) on MM but it’s so hard looking through all of them. Think we could get a filter added somehow to use the advanced search tool in saved items? It would make narrowing down next purchases so much easier than maintaining a separate spreadsheet. :slight_smile: thanks!!!


I was thinking about this the other day, too. Even just the ability to sort by species would be nice.


For sure! I was even thinking if the advanced search has a line item to select “saved items” might be an easier way for it to be implemented than actually putting a search engine into the saved items page!