Search scientific names?

I have only been using this site since May 2023 so I may be missing something real obvious: how to search by scientific name? I have been resorting to searching “Antaresia” on Google then having to sift through solds & other countries, as searching for “Antaresia” using the search yields no results. I have tried various other standard Boolean etc search techniques. No luck. I did find I could go through the decision tree category in the upper left then the other category on the left filter area but it is limited & weird to navigate. “All other boas” & “More boas” in same level???
If it is not currently possible, can scientific name search be added? Bonus option to include aka retroactive decoder for when things get reclassified because of updated genetics & cladistics & taxonomy and not every seller is up on the current research. Common names vary & sellers often name things oddly. Sure not all sellers will fill out the proper name field but being able to have another option for finding critters more precisely is nice.


To get to what you’re looking for, go to “Other Pythons” then at the top of the page click “Traits”

That will bring you to the subcategories which will give you what you’re looking for (including scientific name).

That said, @eaglereptiles, if possible, can we change the “Traits” tab title? When you go to the “Other _____” sections, it’s confusing for users looking for the species subcategories to have to go to “Traits” when that wouldn’t be what they needed. It might also be worth being able to list & search by scientific name, as suggested by the OP.


:flushed: please Jess! Lets not do this again :sweat_smile:

We played with a lot of terms and (considering space restraints) Traits just fits the best. If you have anything better then we are all ears…

This is a good idea!


I wish I knew more about site design to be useful in this. What about a dismissable message at the top of the screen only in the “Other _____” category to alert users the trait tab is for subcategories? Would only need to be something temporary if you end up implementing the list/search by scientific name as it would make that obsolete in the end.

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Thank you @noodlehaus! Kind guide to the lost.
I would have never thought to look under “Traits”. I have bookmarked each flavor of the ones I am seeking under my “Saved Searches” to make it easier to get to. Having a “Traits” area is great but it should be a descriptive child or grand-child of the species (“Subcategory”) not the parent… hierarchically speaking.
Oddly A. stimsoni is not listed there. But A. perthensis, which I assumed was less common, is. If there are no snakes available with that “trait” do they just not show up? I checked the “Ad Status” to “All” and I know there are a couple stimsoni on hold. Still none. Weird.
Though I’m but a graphic designer who mostly colors in shapes (and some GIS stuff… which is coloring shapes with maths), I did learn to manually code html back in the mid 90’s in Notepad. Databases should be easily searchable. Even Python can do it. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: As long as non scientific name stuff didn’t get lumped into “Subcategory” column should be easy* to fix. Number one rule of web things: keep structure simple. If there are more exceptions & kludges, fix things before the ship is unsteerable.
*easy is relative to the number of other fires being juggled :fire: :fire: :fire:
@eaglereptiles I am certainly not complaining. Overall I have been able to navigate things just fine. Organizational preferences/opinions abound and everyone can’t be made happy. “Traits” is fine as a tab for… traits, I just ignored it as species isn’t a trait & I’m just lookin for pets not hets. The inability to search that database cell just perplexed me. This site has enabled me to find several awesome snakes… and one sand boa jerk. Actually she is fine, just kinda twitchy & whips me with her tail. Sassy baby drama. :grin:
Thank you all.


Because A. stimsoni no longer exists as of 2020. There was a study published that showed that A. childreni and A. stimsoni were the same species with different polymorphism.

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Ohhhh. That makes sense. My wish list was from 2016. And I still find them listed as such so I hadn’t been clued in to update. Science has advanced. As it do. Now all we need is a sub under species with polymorphisms. Localities. AKAs. FKAs :wink:
This reminds me I need to update my tank labels on my tarantulas. Aphonopelma Brachypelma Tliltocatl oh my. Staring at pics & trying decided between hamorii or smithi or hybrid or just somewhere along a ring species situation…


Don’t you just love when science gains new understanding and suddenly one thing is another? :joy: :upside_down_face: Always a good time trying to figure out what, exactly, you’re looking at.

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