Searches Only Local = 1 - 250 Miles?

Hello, anyone know why my searches all have a distance of 1 - 250 miles that’s mandatory now? I am NOT in local search & can’t find out how to bypass it?

It has the mileage slide bar & I’m not seeing a way to get around it…? I’ve searched MANY times & this is new…


P.s. I’m not using the MM app because the back button disappeared a couple months ago & it’s a PITA looking without it.


I think you’ll find that it’s not only searching that radius if you look at the ads, unless I’m missing something. In order to enable the location based function you have to include a zip code. The radius slider appears regardless of if the function is currently in use.

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Yes, it did. It only showed matches within my state the first couple searches… Notice the pic, which is how it started doing. No state or zip inputted

I got it to work, once I zeroed out the distance…

Why do programmers mess with things when they work just fine? Smh


Glad to hear you were able to resolve the issue, I can understand the frustration when changes disrupt how things used to work. When trying to offer improved features, sometimes there are stumbling blocks. Feedback and threads such as yours help fine tune things.