Searching for Rhinos

Hello everyone.
So for MONTHS I have been searching all over (locally here in Phoenix and online) for a Rhino rat snake and I can’t find them anywhere.
Does anyone here or anyone you know breed them? Grateful for any tips and direction. :slight_smile:

Hi @eb87

I am sorry but due to our community guidelines we cannot refer breeders, I truly can only send you the way of link. But here you go with the link Click Me

I’ve seen them occasionally at the Phoenix reptile expo. It’s a little ways in the future, but if you haven’t found one by November, you could try checking there.

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These are a rarer, somewhat specialized species. Most breeders of them are not prone to broad advertisement but instead work through word of mouth or with people they are already in established relationships with.

Occasionally one or two will pop up on MorphMarket but they tend to be purchased rather quickly