Season moving right along

Season moving along nicely here. Just now seeing some females develop so we are still introducing males. Turning out to be our best season yet! Hows everyone else’s going so far?


Looking good there Bob! Hope you get tons of awesome babies :wink: This season has been crazy we are already at 236 eggs in the incubator (31 clutches) and still have at least 25 more to go.


Looking good Bob, you better stock up on those heat packs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We are doing good here got 5 eggs pipping in July. And another girl due to lay soon. And this is our first season.

Congrats! Beautiful​:snake::snake::fire:

Ooh, fun! Congrats!

I hatched out a small clutch of hognose babies, and have found buyers for all of them save for the one I’m keeping.
As for my ball pythons, I currently have 2 clutches in the incubator consisting of 13 eggs, and am anticipating two more clutches soon. One female is in her prelay shed and the other is off food and starting to show a bit of a build.
Super happy with my turnout so far for my very first season!

My oldest female just hit 1100 grams the time is near