Second Generation of Cubaris Flame White Ducky

These pods are super shy and slow breeding. I’ve actually lost majority of my adults but I kept the tub sitting around and saw some teeny babies now they are growing up well! I hope I can get lucky on some ratios and make some more. These aren’t the same as the White Ducky that we are familiar with.

Second Generation of Cubaris Flame White Ducky growing nicely :sunglasses:

Here is one of the adults


Oh my goodness they are so cute! Looks like your patience is paying off! I have been trying to launch a colony of isopods of various types but I can’t seem to get one started out of the types I have tried.

Springtails on the other hand seem to be a lot easier! Lol! :blush::wink::+1:


Oh wow, I really love the way these guys look! I love the cubaris body shape, and the colours on these little guys is freaking awesome! Very cool, thanks for sharing.


So cool! And I know the feeling- when I saw mancae in my Ember Bee enclosure the first time, I literally called my mom I was so excited!