Second Ovulation?

so I already observed an ovulation on this girl. Only caught a photo at the end but saw it, very swollen was very clear. This was about a week ago. And then I came home to this, same female so I’m wondering why would I see signs of an ovulation twice, a week apart. I mean you can clearly see the separation in the scales. So is this not an ovulation or did I just not see one the first time? FYI she looked even more swollen the first time.


@leatherneck_pythons it’s quite possible what you saw previously was what’s called a “pre ovulation swell”. It happens from time to time. That’s why it’s best to monitor her shed date to get an idea of when eggs are coming. Good luck!


I fully agree with @hinglesherps, you caught the “pre ovy swell” the first time around. Congrats on your up coming eggs.


I agree with Lee and Mary in my experience some people mistake pre-ovy swell which can be pretty large in some animals for an ovulation which usually throw off their timeline.

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Well this is good and bad news cause it means thats what I may have caught in my ultramel female, and looking at her she just doesn’t look as large and full as I would expect were she full of eggs. Is a pre ovy swell always indicative of an ovulation or can they reabsorb after that? I’ll attach pics of what I caught and how she looks now.

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The top pic is ovulation pic correct?

No once they ovulate you are going to get something out of her. They do go back down after ovulation, if that is what you are concerned about. :slight_smile: