Second Prelay Shed

My Clown 66% het Hypo girl had ovulated on April 3. It was definitely an Ovy as seen in the other thread that shows everyone’s Ovys. She had her prelay shed on April 17th. So I was expecting she could lay eggs anytime after May 14th but went to check on her today, and she shed again. This is only the second time I have seen a girl do a double prelay shed. The first time, the girl had her second shed after the date where she could have already laid her eggs. This one predates the date I would start watching.

So I thought I would post this to ask;

How many of you have experienced double prelay sheds?

Did the second shed occur before or after the projected date of her laying eggs?

Was there anything notable about the clutch, i.e., size of eggs, number, viability, health of hatchlings, etc.?