See You in Schaumburg!

Come and visit Morphmarket this weekend at NARBC Schaumburg, Illinois – sans kids! Please come by and hang out with us. We are excited to meet many of you who do not make it down to our home in Texas!! We can’t wait to see you!


It is a bit far for a last minute a trip from Boise, but I’ll be there in spirit. Best wishes to you all, have a blast!


I wish that I could attend my self but south Florida is a bit of a drive.

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Ill be there and i couldn’t be more excited! I live in central Illinois, so its only a 3-ish hour drive for me! hoping to come home with plenty of goodies too :wink:


Any thing specific?

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i have too many projects to explain :rofl:

basically: tarantulas, isopods, Kenyan sand boas(paradox albino specifically), het clowns to raise up, and a new crestie… or two…maybe three…

tldr; i have too much money and have too many projects


I will be there too, and I’ll be on the look out for cool Rosy Boas and sand boas, probably isopods too.


What city in Texas are you guys normally at?

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I believe this is our second expo ever. This is where our first one was click me!

By the way it was Arlington

Awesome! I barely missed y’all. I went to the Arlington expo in May.

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It is alright!! I guarantee we will be back there.