Seeing ON HOLD animals in search

Is there some way to see animals that are currently ON HOLD when doing a search? Many sellers (including myself) put them on hold until the sale is complete and when you look at the SOLD items, they don’t show up for that reason. If this is not an option, can it be added? Thanks!

Jim Sering


In your search simply select all or sold as your filter to see all animals including those that have recently sold or just the one that have sold.

I do that now, but it does not include the ones that are ON HOLD for me. Can I search ON HOLD animals specifically somehow?

Only if you select for sale or all, on hold animals are a bit of a grey area not really available not really sold.

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OK, but I would like to be able to search them specifically since many sellers place them on hold until the transaction is completed and it would just give a better current snapshot, combined with the ones marked sold, of the market during that period in my opinion. I can just scroll to the end of each category and they are there, but it is impractical when searching for all recently sold/on hold animals. The status is similar to the ones that are expired which aren’t really available or sold but is still useful information to have when trying to price your animals for sale. Thanks!


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On hold animal always appear towards the last pages of the search results. You have to go through the list on the animals that are for sell. Pretty sure there is a button to skip to the end.

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