Seller not Responding and left me on read

I have fulfilled my end and would have been happy to just get some communication about the status. I’m not in a hurry to get these animals or to intrude on someone’s life when they have a work life and family life outside of this. I especially don’t want to be a person to hassle someone over and over just to find that something tragic had happened. As it stands, I have sent the last payment 10 days ago and have been left on read.

Tried multiple forms of communication: MorphMarket messaging, then office number, then cell number and always voice-mail.

MorphMarket has been messaged about this but I have not received any response.

I’m hoping that this issue has come up and been resolved through MorphMarket before, with full refund to customers. Any help or insight would be appreciated.

I have screenshots of the complete messages from animal inquiry until my last message with no reply.

I also have proof of completed transaction and his store policy, in case an attempt to amend it would be made to claim a forfeiture of refund against me.

I dont want to put it on this post to protect personal information and avoid unnecessary damage to a seller’s reputation. But, it is available for any pertinent personnel to resolve this.

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@john @eaglereptiles

I feel input from one or the other of you is the most prudent here


Hey Tommy,

I actually just caught your email a short while ago and sent you a response.

We take these things extremely seriously and by the sounds of it you have exhausted all possible attempts to contact the other party. Here’s the form I sent over to yourself, it will help us expedite our investigation as well as create a permanent record in our database.

After you’ve filled out that form, an emailed copy of it will be sent to you. Please reply to that email with any additions or changes you want to make to your original statement, as well as any relevant attachments such as photographs and/or screenshots of text messages that took place outside of the original Inquiry thread.

Feel free to reach out with any other issues or questions :blush:


Curious on how this turned out. Have a feeling that I’ll be going through the same issue here shortly.

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