Seller Sold to Another Buyer

Seller posted an a corn snake yesterday afternoon. Within the minute it was posted I reached out to buy the snake. My concern was that there was conflicting facts posted on the sale page. Original post date was 3/25/20 and it was now being reposted “Local Pickup Only” was posted but so was 5/4/20 and now says shipping available after May 18th. I’m now not sure what facts are correct or incorrect so I email the seller and ask about the snake to confirm its a virigin as was posted and the kinks not detailed in the ad but merely spoken of are below cloaca. I send off the email and receive a quick response answering all of my questions but with a caveat at the bottom of the email that says while speaking with me she received another email and that person didn’t ask any questions so she sold it to them already. Now in 40+ years of buying/selling reptiles I’ve dealt with it a few times but never while I was speaking with the seller. I’ve had buyers email me about an animal while I’m speaking with the first person who contacted me and I simply advise them “hey don’t want to pressure you but I have another buyer waiting if you aren’t ready to buy” and voila they either buy or I move on to the other seller waiting patiently for my return email. People have lost the touch where you actually treat people like you would want to be treated. Buyers may not buy today but if you treat them right they virtually always come back for something in the future because you took the time to show them you care. Once you’ve lost that ability it’s time to find another line of business!


So it sounds like the animal was listed on a certain date, and the ad was edited to update that shipping was now available at a certain date, nothing unusual with everything that has been going on in the last few months with covid 19.

As for more than one person interested and communicating about the same animal at the same time it happens more often than you think and it always come down to whom send the money first because some people will tell you “I am very interested I’ll take it” but 50% those people end up not buying the animal afterall which is OK however as a breeder the animal is available until a deposit or payment is made so it will depend on who does it firsr.

I have had up to 3 people interested in the same animal in the same day (within a few hours actually) and one was quicker than the others, and while some breeders may disclose that others are interested some may not as it is often seen as a pushy sales tactic.


You’re missing the point. I have no issue with reposting nor having 3 buyers. I was asking a question as the first buyer in and wasn’t even given the option to give money in hand. If so I would have gladly sent the money! Was told because I asked a question I missed out. If that’s the way people do business I’d rather buy from someone with honor and integrity. Hard to find in the reptile world today!


@cornsnaken It’s not that hard to find. But I get your point. It’s very frustrating as someone who WAS a serious potential buyer to basically have the opportunity pulled out from under you. It is unprofessional to not communicate clearly.

It is also human nature to take the path of least resistance though, so if someone would rather avoid the uncomfortable moment of having someone think they sound “pushy,” like Deb said, they might take the easy path of not bringing it up.

It might be a bit harsh to say they don’t have integrity…they may not know any better or really think through what professionalism dictates in a situation like that.

Either way it sucks, sorry you didn’t get the animal you wanted.


Have you even considered that when he said the other person did not ask question they might have meant the buyer sent the money or requested an invoice right away?

Can’t always jump to conclusion and think people lack integrity because people could see this post and jump to conclusion as well…

Food for the thoughts.


How do you know you were the first to respond? They could have had a response already asking for a PayPal etc.

I have also had this happen to me, although the seller told me the animal was suddenly spoken for but he had another of same genetics and was willing to cut me a deal on it.

Every seller is different but as a buyer I will never assume the worst until its blatantly shown with rude comments or behavior. As far as you know they could have received multiple emails/texts for that animal at any given time.

Still sorry that you had to experience that.

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Ugh, that is the part of selling I hate! I swear it is Morphy’s Law, 50% or more of the animals I sell have 2-4 potential buyers asking at the same time and that ad could have sat there for months with nary an interest. I used to triage them, tell everyone there is a line and I’m giving 24 hours each for everyone ahead of them to decide and communicate and about half the time the one(s) in front would either flake or back out, which is fine but then I’d get to the last in line and they inevitably had bought from someone else that could sell immediately and I’ve spent 5 days juggling people and stressing about it and have no sale at the end. Now I usually let people know if there is other interest but not always, if I didn’t think some of them were actually serious, and sometimes I am wrong on exactly how serious a buyer was. But it does feel icky and strong arm to tell potential buyers, hey someone else is interested, pay me now or it’s going to someone else. I try to sound as unpressuring as possible but my new mantra is hey, several people interested to everyone and the first person to send me money gets it, no holds.


@elementalexotics yep I feel ya. Being a salesperson leads you to being uncomfortable but you gotta do it. I’m…blessed? In that I’m in a pretty high pressure very difficult sales role for my job so being uncomfortable is pretty much where I have to live :joy:


Just the other day I had been looking at 3 different snakes for weeks. I went to show the one I was going to get and the ad was gone. So I inquired on the other one I was looking at. Seller messaged back saying it just got sold. Then I went to the last one, inquired. Seller said it had just got sold. That was pretty infuriating for me. Lol. Funny how that all works.


I personally never inquire unless I am ready to send payment right away. I will inquire asking to send payment information. I imagine that I am not the only one. I have read the sales terms, what it is exactly, compare it to other listed morphs and research seller all before I inquire. I find its easier for them and me. They know I am serious and I don’t have to wait around wondering. I am currently watching one snake and thinking about it. I feel the photos are heavily edited as others with same genetics are not as bright, but since I am not ready to buy, I am not asking for more photos. Not going to waste their time.