Seller with very iffy practices - how do I report?

So I think I’ve reported this seller before for claiming egg eating snakes would drink egg yolk from a dish (and I actually know people who’ve bought egg eaters from them, have been given the same information, and have had their snakes starve to death as a result). The seller’s removed that tidbit from their public listings of egg eaters now, but I saw a recent listing with pictures of this person holding an elephant trunk snake they were selling. You are never, ever supposed to even take them out of the water if you can avoid it, much less hold them.

So I guess I’m just wondering if this is a valid thing I can report to the admins, and if they’ll review the seller. They sell so many rare and lesser known colubrids, many of which require highly specialized care, and they actively spread misinformation on them. It really irks me to see.


I would just message @eaglereptiles voice your concern and see if someone on could/would look into the seller.


Winning answer! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: