Seller's don't delete your animals

What ever you do. DONT be like me and delete all of your animals from your Animal Manager. Dont go into the sold snakes you have and clean it up. This will make your account say NEW SELLER. I dont know why but the system is designed that way. If you already did this reach out to mm for help! :sunglasses::+1:


Very wise words.

The “New Seller” tag is coded to pop up when your first animal is listed for sale. If you delete your animals then the system has no way of knowing you had previous animals.

This is one of the reasons we have statuses such as Archived and Inactive, which keep the animals in the system but move them out of your way until needed.


Yeah it’s a real delete. Not the we just hide it from you “delete”


Interested to know why you would even want to go onto your sold tab and delete animals? I’ve have several sellers do this a month or so after I bought the snake, and it’s frustrating if I want to go back to the ad to see something.


Personally i regret selling every snake ive ever sold. So having that reminder (pics) is hard to stomach. Im so small scale that when i sell a snake its because im in trouble and need money. Its a double edge because sometimes i forget what i bred and go back to a missing ad to try to put the puzzle together. Not fun


We WILL fix the new seller thing at some point, this is on our list.


@akmorphs Here’s what I do. Any snake I put a deposit on to buy I screen capture the page and save as pdf in a folder so I will always have the ad.


Thats a great idea! Then email it to yourself


I’ve started to do that actually :joy: I just get annoyed when it’s gone because it’s so much easier for me to search my messages to the snake and then click on the ad.


100%. I wish the ads were still there for a bunch of reasons including purchase history, more examples of combos searchable and to see when calculating pairings etc.


In the future, animals and their data/lineage will instantly transfer to your Animal Manager when you purchase them.

A cool trick some may make use of though… If you copy the numbers at the end of the URL for a listing down, you can type them in the MM search bar to find that animal at a later date (unless deleted… obviously).

This is what I do for the important ones on my Favourited Items


This is going to be SOOOO helpful! Really looking forward to this. It will help immensely in planning and tracking genetic heritage. Of course, the more info sellers put into their listings, the better it will be. But YAY in any case for the automatic transfer!


I use a lot of other listings to try and ID my babies and when it’s already a limited pool of certain combos, clicking on an oops, it’s gone listing makes it harder. Not only that, but your sold history should help people see what you’ve been doing and what you’ve been selling, adding a little credibility or confidence in you as a breeder or seller. I don’t delete anything.


That’s one sick snake you used as an example :kissing_heart:


I do the simular thing as @inky-clouds. Anything I buy, I get a screen shot of the entire ad. This way I have all the information and can put it with anything I produce from it, or can pass it on if I ever sell it.
This also helps if there are any problems. As I can not change the info on the screen shot and the seller can not deny anything that is on it. This protects me and the seller.