Selling feeders as pets?

Has anyone ever had any experience with selling feeders such as Norwegian rats and ASFs as pets? I now have them producing at a good clip, and my ASFs i have some really good looking animals coming out now with awesome temperments (its to the point cleaning is a hassle because they will just try to climb out like im not there, i can pet them as well with no fear of bites. The only thing i cant do is hold them because they will jump away)

That said i’ve got full white albino babies coming out, regular albinos, platinums, and normal ASFs but i have no idea how or where to list if i wanted. (I can still use the more skittish ones as feeders and continue my lines no problem).

The Norwegians are nothing to write home about for friendliness yet, the 1st litters have grown up and try to burrow away when its time to clean, they are curious when the enclosure is closed, but not pet quality when it comes to handleability.

My ASFs though are fantastic and imo not much different than a gerbil or hampster when it comes to interaction.

Long story short, wheres the best place to sell/list for pet sale? (Pics will be added later, not at home, but i havent forgotten the tax)


It actually makes sense if you think about it. Like you said most breed or get foundation stock as healthy, tame and good moms for their young, it benefits our breeder colony! These are actually great quality pets! I have known a snake breeder who started breeding dumbo rats in; blues, Rex, hairless, ect. He would sell these to local pet shops, his website and even on Craigslist(sometimes) He claimed he made more from selling rats then he ever did selling snakes, at least regularly. I have seen some list 1 rat for $20+ given that you can have rats almost all the time it can be done. The cons are more rats=more work for you. Sometimes it is hard to get the foot in the door at local pet shops to sell, and selling takes time in person. I don’t think you can ship rats very easily? On the other hand if you can’t move them easy, you can feed them to hungry snakes or a hungry freezer, so no real loss. Just managing all the time to do this as well as snakes and regular work, plus anything else, you would need to take in consideration. If you give it a go please let us know how it’s working out for you. Good luck!


Ive already got over 100 ASFs, and i cant imagine moving more than 20 a week even if i was some well known rodent breeder (for pets, moving for food would be simple enough, but food is for my snakes until i have a few months exess frozen.

Ill get more when my phones not at 3%, but here is for the picture tax:


They are seperated by gender once they reach a confortable size where i feel they can reach things on their own. There are a few that are just about ready to be weaned and moved into the gender tubs. I also organize the tubs where i only put juviniles within 2 months of eachother together. Any more than that and ive found they have grown too old to accept new additions as part of their colony and risk attacking / bullying them. Ive for 1 that for it bad. On the one hand; his eye got messed up and he was in bad shape, but on the other hand, i decided to give him a stay of execution. He had a rough begining, and i cant in good concience euthanize him for food when his life was so tragic, so now he enjoys a full life and special treatment. Once he has made a full recovery i will try to pick out a couple to keep with him as they are communal and it will be stressful for him to live his whole life alone. But thats not until he is done healing.