Selling reptiles in Florida, what do I need to know

I’ve always kept Reptiles, all kinds. But now I would like to take it a step farther and become a breeder/educational/zoo and eventually milker. I want to do everything by the book. You know, dotting I’s and crossing t’s. Was wondering if there is anyone in Florida that could help me out translating what fwc’s requirements are and what if any permits are needed for (legal snakes and lizards) selling. I don’t want to do anything wrong, I feel like they could take my ability away real quick due to the invasive species problem here. And unfortunately burms are my favorite and I would love to breed them and teach people about them but I’m going to start with ball pythons to get my foot in door. So basically looking for help to pick out the right permits or licenses needed of any. I will of course compensate you for your time and knowledge. And maybe even work together. Message me on here or leave a way for me to contact you. Looking forward to hearing from someone.

Thanks again,
Chris, Raptor Reptiles