Selling used thermostats?

Just wanted to see if anyone has any personal experience selling used thermostats.

I’ve got an opportunity to get 2 VE-6 racks with tubs, and a VE-100, VE-200, and a helix DBS thermostat. The difference in price between with the thermostats and without isn’t much, so i figured if I don’t use them I could try to sell them to someone that needs them.

What kind of price drop is usual for used thermostats like that?


Don’t have any experience selling used stats, but I did buy a used rack last year that came with a used VE-100. It never worked correctly, so test before you pay more for the used stats, if a substantial amount.

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That’s a fair point. What issues do you have with it? Would you recommend just plugging them in and seeing if they heat the tape up?

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I’d consider hanging onto them incase you could benefit from them in the future. When I’ve purchased used thermostats they are usually 50% of new price, give or take off course.

When I’ve tested thermostats I usually bring a cheap light to plug in. It’s obvious if it’s sending current, and I usually hold the probe in my hand to test if it’s functional.


That’s something that I’m considering, but I’ve got 2 herpstat 2’s with 1 empty probe each right now, and I don’t see myself expanding much more anytime soon.


I do kind of feel like we here on MM might benefit from a Yard Sale sort of section for gently used or never used equipment. Everyone surely has stuff they don’t use anymore, or thought they were going to use and then didn’t like for their setup.


@athleticshoelace I have also thought about a supplie/caging and feeders section could be a good idea to add down the road as well as other categories such as venomous and crocodilians. I think eventually mm will get there. Of course large supplies will probably not be able to be shipped, same with live feeder rodents, ect. So you would definitely have to use local or near local searches which shouldn’t be a issue with the capabilities of mm now.



You are right crocodilians is on the tool bar index, but unless I’m mistaken not on the picture category’s on the homepage. Check, maybe I am missing it but it doesn’t seem to be there yet?


You’re right, out of the 43 categories, that is the only one not listed there. Now I’m curious, @eaglereptiles, why is that?


I like the idea and think it would be great but it would open MM up for more shots when someone says “I bought this of MorphMarket and it doesnt work”… which they inevitably will. But feel free to start a PM with those you trust and get going with this idea… maybe one day we will change our terms and open your PM publicity to everyone … :man_shrugging:

We have plans on this :wink:
Organization Profile Pages – manufacturers can actually get started creating their accounts already.

For now though, I have added Dubia links to the forums footer (It would be wrong to use any other, given the recent news :crazy_face:)

Honestly, this is to protect MorphMarket , and the hobby as a whole. We do realize there is a market for crocodilians obviously, otherwise we wouldn’t have a category at all, but its not an area we want to “promote”. We deal with a great deal of pushback as it is, from people that believe reptiles (in general) should not be kept as pets, from snake haters, from people who believe other “dangerous” animals should not be kept or sold, such as giant snakes, monitors, crocodilians, etc.

Regarding venomous animals (Read here also), we have a great deal of respect for anyone capable of keeping these animals in a safe and secure environment suitable for them to thrive in. It is a market we have considered opening up, and will continue to consider it as time goes on, but at this time, it’s simply not an option. Adding venomous snakes to the mix, with all the moral and ethical complications they bring with them, not to mention legal entanglements, would amp up that pushback by orders of magnitude.

We’ll continue to weigh the cost versus benefit of what and how we promote categories, but I don’t see changes for either crocs or hots happening in the near future.


I for one would also love a yard sale section. Finding used gear is so hard nowadays! But i understand the concern that there may be some pushback to the site because of it. Do you think that having a disclaimer that one must accept prior to using the yard sale site that stesses that MorphMarket cannot stand behind the functionality of any used item and stating that all used purchases made will be buyer’s discretion, would help mitigate the potential for pushback?

Idk it just sounds silly, like someone trying to deplatform offer up for a broken item they purchased under pretenses of functionality instead of just reporting the seller for false advertisement. If you’re buying a used item, you accept the risks. That’s why it’s cheaper than new.


I’d love a yard sale feature! I often struggle to find good deals on used stuff because I’m not on traditional social media. My former roommate was really good at finding deals on FB Marketplace and snagged some great pet-related finds (including my chinchilla’s cage, which was a top-of-the-line cage, brand new and still in the box, for a fraction of the retail price). It almost made me want to revive my old Facebook account. Almost.

I’d love it if there was a section on here for selling/trading used reptile gear. Frankly, I’d rather buy or trade with you fine folks than random people off Facebook or Craigslist. I do understand MM’s concerns regarding liability/reputation, but I would think some sort of disclaimer/ToS might be able to solve that (though I’m neither a lawyer nor tech savvy, so my opinion on that isn’t worth much).


Thank you for speaking to this as a moderator, so very promptly!

I can see why there’s some liability issues, as to whether we could do that or not, but we do sell each other live animals who can bite or pee on your computer or eat your budgie… And their health is only guaranteed by reviews and the integrity of the seller, as reported by others. So I wonder if we could cover our liability somehow by the way we guarantee animal health- as “To the best of my knowledge, this works, buy at your own risk but I’ve done my best”

However, I understand you have made very valid points as to why we might not want to expand like that, and I know a new section like that would mean yet MORE work for moderators who are doing a lot to keep this place wonderful. I’d hate to pressure you further, and I know such things are rarely as simple as they look from the outside. Anything looks simple if you’re not the one trying to make it work!