Sex/confirm species African bullfrog

Hey, I’m hoping this isn’t a dwarf and is a true Pyxicephalus adspersus and a male. I know it’s super hard to sex a frog this young but I’ve seen ppl mention head to body ratio and such. I think this looks male but I’m not used to doing ID stuff with amphibians.


If you can get some more clear pics of its head than that would help. Most species have males with larger ear openings and this goes for majority of bull frog species as far as I know.

@t_h_wyman could school my knowledge on animals any day of the week so I will @ him just in case I said something inaccurate.


My knowledge on sexing 'phibs is not terribly strong. I know that nuchal pads are a good indicator, but they tend to be seasonal/situational. Ditto throat pouches.

Beyond that… I got nothing


yeah, he’s too young for pads… i know if they call they are likely male but they also don’t really do that this young either.

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