Sex of day gecko

I ordered a day gecko and was wondering if anyone can help me tell the sex thanks


Looks like a boy to me.


How old is this gecko?
The pores aren’t as pronounced as they would be in an adult male…but it looks like a bit of a bulge is there as well. If this gecko is hovering around 5-6 months, I’d lean male. But if already breeding size/age I’d say female.

Males will have more pronounced and waxy looking residue in the pores. Females usually are a bit fainter, but I’ve still seen a couple like this


I don’t know the exact age as I order off line. I ordered one and got two. I got told it was a baby so I’m guessing 5 months. But this one is very active and friendly compare to the other one who’s shy and hides all the time. I can’t even get a pic of the other one.