Sexing Ackie monitor?

What is the most accurate way to sex these little dinosaurs?

Do the spikey scales by the vent mean my Ackie is a male?

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Here is a good video to watch on how you can sex them. I also can’t tell from that picture if those are spikes indicating a male or if those are just part of the tail.



The video @ashleyraeanne linked is mine. Thanks for sharing!
There is also a part 2 to that video:

So sexing Ackies is quite difficult compared to a lot of reptiles. Usually, an Ackie cannot be sexed until 6 months (8 months preferred). Some with a keen eye can start to have educated guesses around 4 months.

There are two main ways I like to sex Ackie’s.

  1. How I do in these two videos. This can some times give mixed results if you are not sure what you are looking for. But any method is not 100%.

  2. Visually. With good pics of the head, you can easily tell the sex when knowing what to look for. A bigger head, thicker neck is the strongest indication of a male. Nostril curvature, ridges above the eyes, and mouth/nose tip are different as well. If you can provide a few head pics, I can see if I can determine the sex for you.

I also uploaded a picture of a good male vs. female comparison that is pretty obvious (in the distinctions mentioned above)

Hope this helps!



@professorherp Beautiful Ackie pair! Thank you for your response and welcome to the MM community forums!

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