Sexing and surprises

So this is less of a “what sex is my garg” and more of a “welll feck, my female is a male afterall” lamenting post. :sweat_smile:

I bought a pair of unrelated kiddos from a breeder and friend. Young, so couldnt be 100% sure about gender. Shes had good luck sexing juvies in thebpast via pore. My two from her are big enough now, and SURPRISE! Suspected female has the peen. :woman_facepalming: such is life in the geck world i suppose. Shame cuz i was stoked for him to be a female.

Garg, tequila rose, in question.

Starting to look like one of the other three suspected females i have is also a male. Time to go shopping, oh no, whatever will i do. :rofl:


Looks like a male indeed, and I can see pores in the pic and a bulge it’s there :sweat_smile:

He’s pretty :grin:


I was hoping for just a fupa… but the pores kinda seal the deal, dangit. :sob:

Im pretty partial to him, when fired up hes gorgeous imo.

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Haha :joy:

I have 2 orange stripes!

Would love to see him fired :fire:

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Idk I wouldn’t rule out female just yet!:crossed_fingers:t3: Those pores aren’t too convincing and judging by the size in comparison to your hand, it should have a larger bulge. How big is it?

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Pics of my female earlier. Born June 2021. LooK>

And my male. Born May 2021. >

Females have a lil bulge ya know. And I never really noticed til that pic!


Hold in there! There is still a chance! (Unless @ghoulishcresties garg is also male in which case that would really stink) :joy: