Sexing fat tail geckos

Anyone here able to confirm sexes? I’m a Crestie nerd, but recently got a couple more fat tails as already own Grandpa (brought as a female, clear as day he was a male!) but wanted to add more to the collection, they’re both about 6 months old.

I’m not going to say anything about what I was told yet as think I may of been told wrong…

This is first one…

And this is second…


I’m mostly experienced with leopard geckos, so I’m reaching a bit, but I would say probable female and female. Opinions from others?


I assume they’re the same to sex? I haven’t a clue really, I get it with the pores etc. (Same with Cresties, but They’re easy to me now) But female fat tails also have faint pores which is what’s confusing me a tad! Do Leo’s also?..
But I brought as female top, and male bottom. But when I saw pores on top one I assumed I got told wrong until researching they also have them… :woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile:

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From a leopard gecko standpoint I think both are females. I did some research and sexing fat tails is the same as sexing leopard geckos.