Sexing monitor issues

Hello my name is Cody Swift I’ve owned and bred reptiles my whole life . I’m the owner of Swift Serpents currently online only reptiles & exotics store . Anyways I’ve kept monitors throughout my life but never bred them . I’ve recently come across two savannah monitors and a Nile , I would love to know a way to sex them all 3 are under a year . Can someone help?


Hey Cody,

I had ran into the same problem when I bought my first two Ackie monitors. The main way I was able to tell the difference with my monitors is by judging off the head size and body size, males usually would have a more wider head compare to as a female will be a little more narrow. Also, you might see the hemipenis of the male pop out of the blew. But the only way to really see those differences in monitors are when they are in that mid adolescent stage besides that your just guessing basically. But the good thing is they grow pretty quick.

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Awesome yeah I have what I believe to be a 1.1 pair of Savannahs . They are just very difficult to sex . Thank you