Sexing Western Hognose

I got this western hognose as a female a few months ago and have noticed that as the snake has gotten bigger, ‘she’ is now beginning to look more like a ‘he’. Have had trouble manually sexing the snake and can’t tell if she is just a long tailed female or actually a male… What do y’all think? The tip of her tail to cloaca is about 2.5 inches long.

How big is the individual?

She was born mid July 2021 and weighed in at 32g this past march. For reference, I have another female and male born around the same time who weighed 25g and 26g respectively.

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Looks male to me, based on shape and length.
I counted I think 38-39 scales so likely male (I believe it’s 37 or less to be female, 39 or more is male from what @elementalherps told me previously on this forum when I was trying to figure out the sex of one of my hoggies)

Here’s a reference comparing the two by @stewart_reptiles if that helps!


thanks for the help everyone! this definitely throws a wrench into my breeding plans… oh well, lesson learned