Shatter gene in Calico?

How’s it going everyone? I have a Calico Enchi female, and I suspect that she might have the Shatter gene, but I’m not entirely sure since Calicos can have some weird paradoxing sometimes. Is it common for the Shatter gene to be in Calico? I know that it can be in other combos based on what I’ve seen on Morphmarket and Instagram, but she wasn’t sold as a Shatter so I want a bit of verification before adding it to my ID.

Here’s a picture of her. You can see the black flecks with the white flecks in her alien heads. I always loved that since it reminded me of salt and pepper lol. I never thought that it was anything other than paradoxing until I got some babies from her that I suspect also have it, but they’re Calicos as well so I don’t know for sure.

This is the one with the most obvious Shatter gene look because of that black splotching near his tail.

At first I thought that this girl was a Pastel Calico Chocolate Enchi, but now I’m wondering if she’s actually a Pastel Calico Enchi Shatter.


It could be a polymorphic trait in her line of calico maybe?
Does the breeder work with shatter as well? You can always reach out and ask. Might be something they couldn’t verify at the time.

I picked up a pewter that looks like he also is carrying sandblast/panther. I asked about it but the breeder couldn’t verify it so they sold him as what they could. I’m hoping to prove him out next year.

The downside if anything is just the matter of trying to prove it out. You could always leave a blurb about the possible unproven gene in there to cover things later… But I wouldn’t consider them as definitely having it until speaking with mom’s breeder or proving it yourself


That’s a good idea, I could ask him if he has ever worked with Shatter or had any ball pythons that look similar. I got the girl back in 2018 at a reptile expo though, so he might not have the pairing info or know what Calico Enchi I’m referring to. You never know until you try though!


I agree with @armiyana it could be in your line of animals, which might be even better then shatter(in my opinion)if you can prove it’s inheritable from your line. The problem with shatter pattern in general is to me it’s a hard trait to be definite on unless you for sure know and have it in your snakes parents, too many things/paradoxes look very similar. I will say though that the placement of that black pattern in the baby does remind me of shatter! You will need to hopefully get info on the parents line, and/or do some more breeding to see if it consistently shows up in your hatchlings, see if it is shatter or something in your line. Good luck, they are both great looking and unique animals!


Thank you! I messaged the breeder, so hopefully I can get some answers regarding her heritage. I definitely need to try and get some more babies from her, and hopefully I can get some with a similar look without Calico so I can say for sure that it isn’t just weird paradoxing from the Calico gene.


The breeder just got back to me. He unfortunately doesn’t have her pairing info anymore, but he was able to tell me that he doesn’t work with Shatter. So, now the only way I’ll know for sure is if she continues to give me offspring with weird paradoxing.