Shedding... A Spur?

Alright, so I’m sure it’s fine, but when in doubt!
My newest girl, Freya, just had her first shed with us, and she is STUNNING. But that’s not the point. She got it all off in one piece, but I check for stuck shed anyways. Lo and behold, i find a little spot near her vent; not on the vent, or the spurs, but in close proximity. So i get my warm, wet washcloth, and gently wipe it off.

Aaaaand her left spur pops off.

Gotta admit, my heart absolutely stopped.
It didn’t break, there’s no blood, she literally does not care, but I’ve never had this before. She has another tiny spur under (spur-inception!) and the one that came off is hollow, like a cap. She’s acting like her sweet ol’ self.

I’m just very confused.

So uh, is this normal? I’ve owned six snakes over the years, probably with a hundred or so sheds, and never seen this. However, I’ve only owned younger/baby snakes, so maybe this is an adult snake thing?

She’s a 2017 proven breeder, by the way.

Here’s some pics of the spurs, then her being gorgeous in the sun (:


Nothing to stress over, this happens now and then. I have seen it more than a few times myself


I love her up close and personal face pictures!



Oh thank goodness :sweat_smile: i knew it was probably normal, but I was a bit stressed anyways since I’d never seen it! Thank you!


She really likes climbing things, cameras ESPECIALLY included, so I can get some great shots of her yellow snoot :joy:


Lol! I just love a snake motivated by a camera! Please post more pictures of her in the future! We love cute little snoots! It’s wonderful when pet parents commune with their scaled kids!