Shedding and Humidity

This is really a basic question and kind of feel small for asking it. When they go into blue and you raise your humidity do you keep that humidity up until the last moment when they shed? When I see them in blue I mist the tub and them, I make sure I soak some substrate near the heat to get a good level of humidity. I keep it on the higher end until they push the skin. Then I normaly replace almost all of the substrate if not doing a tub switch then. When is the most important time for them to have that raised humidity? At the end, beginning or full through the whole thing?

I will be honest here I do not raise humidity, it is around 50% and I have never had any issue this way.

People are often over thinking it.


I agree, my humidity is a lot lower, but every snake has a water bowl that is big enough to get into and the know when they need a soak. I do have a couple that have chronic issues and I mist them when I know they need a shed but they are the exceptions. I would say leave them alone and see what happens and only offer help if they can’t get the job done on their own.


Ok,. I’ve honestly been trying to run about 60%. I have a few hygrometers in the tubs, I’m still trying to get a good feel for it without them. The tubs seem mostly to run consistently with each other aside from when I have to add more and throw them all off. I keep nice size bowls in with them and upgrade them with the tubs. With just the bowls though I’m finding I can drop to as low as 45%.(keeping them up front away from the heat) So I am having to add that extra moisture to the substrate irregularly to maintain. I know once winter hits it’ll throw me off again. But drops like this also are not horrible? Since they do have bowls to go to if needed.

I run a humidifier in the room non-stop to keep the humidity at 30% ( without it it is like 16%. so it is very dry, most of the snakes soak when they need to. the ones that have issues are the one I never see soaking. still they usually get most of the shed off but not always in one piece, so I spritz them. 45-60% should be good, especially if they can soak. but the best bet is to observe and see what happens. no sense in panicking, especially since it is a pretty easy process to remove and adherent skin. Most of the time I just wet the snake down and they go rub it off themselves, once or twice I have had to wet them and the rub the skin off with my thumb.

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Ok,. My deep clean is this weekend and I only have one comming out of shed right now. I’m going to shoot for a more moderate range and just maintain that and see how everyone does this month.