Shedding pics and videos, let's see'em

So we I think we all like to see our animals shed as it indicates their growth and progression. In the case of a snake a good full shed is usually at least one indicator of a healthy animal. With lizards it’s fun to see them peeling and flaking and shedding in great big chunks; there’s just something so satisfying about it.
So let me see your best shedding pictures and videos. Any and all reptiles are welcome; I didn’t add any tags other than shedding because theres just too many lol.


Time to revive this thread.

Monkey, one of my female crested geckos.


This is Owen, one of my leopard geckos. I hatched her out in 2006. She has a neurological issue, but she still gets around just fine & enjoys life, it just makes her a bit of a messy shedder. Still- she does it all in her own, it just takes her a bit longer. :blush:


Our MBK just left us a lovely gift!

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