Shes here and I'm in love 🥰

Picked up the mojave female today and i am obsessed! TOTALLY different personality than kane my pied. Hes very shy and i rarely see him. She, on the other hand, has been exploring her entire enclosure, and me when i checked her kver and put her in her new tub.

The hard part is going to be leaving her be to settle in for a week or so.


I never really leave any reptile to settle in. I am too hands on :sweat_smile:

She’s so dark!! I adore her! Does she have a name yet? :relaxed::heart:

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Its really hard, but i make myself give them time to settle in after i have done the basic check, and get their in set up. Shes actually really inquisitve and i probably wont wait asnlong asni normally do to handle.

No name yet. I tend to get to know them a bit before i decide on a name.


Ah! Somebody else who uses their phone to view the forum! Great looking snake, hope she settles in nicely, but it sounds like itll be no issue!

P.S. I could tell by the dreaded n that wants to be a space I.E. Thenman walked down the street tonget some water.

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Congratulations! She is a beautiful example in my opinion!


Omg its so bad. Im awful for typos because of tiny keys. And i type too fast and dont proofread. :grimacing:

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Congrats she looks so pretty :grin: Mojave’s are awesome :+1:


My fingers are average sized but caloused because of sheetmetal work, so they are like… flat faced i guess i would say. It makes me hit the n or b key like every 10 spaces, its so annoying! I try to catch all of them, but when i type paragraphs on here, i cant be bothered to check xD.

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