Shipped gecko stuck shed

Looking for some advice.

Had a gecko delivered today that had some really stuck shed. Tried to take it off with water and a cottonbud but ended up taking off some shin too.

It has since dropped its tail and I cleaned it’s frog butt, put kitchen towel at the bottom of its enclosure and am going to let it chill out.

I’m thinking of letting it be and just checking it’s frog butt daily, any advice would be welcome :blush:

Just up the humidity, as you’ve stressed him her out enough I’d say if it’s dropped it’s tail…

I’d say put in a humid tub but it’s clearly not happy, so I’d hold off on that, so just up the misting and leave be. It will come off on its own.


I probably would have just left it initially but it looked like it was starting to cut in to the tail. It was travelling from houten last month so wasn’t sure how long it had been like that.

I agree, just leave the Crestie be for a few days & up humidity while keeping enclosure clean fit the but to heal.

Regardless of how bad the shed, I’d always recommend upping the humidity before taking further action. Not helpful now, but still worth mentioning.

Where was the stuck shed?


Right on the end of the tail around 5cm ish

Best pics I got unfortunately.

Yeah that’s multiple stuck sheds, but did appear to be pealing.
When on a tail defo don’t try get off until you’ve tried upping humidity, a humid tub etc as, as you now know. They throw their tail when stressed…


Thanks for the info,

It kind of took the shine off of new gecko day.

The 2 clutchmates I got from you seem to be doing well, around 12g now :grin:


Oh I’ve just realised who this is haha.

I’m glad doing well,
Yeah it will ruin it for you, but I’m sure he’s a cute frog bum!
When we had mushu, he threw his tail second day of having him… never had it before either so was bloody horrible :joy:
Don’t have him now as have dad but was very strange seeing it wiggle about…