Shipping experiences

So I shipped out a reptile the other day and when going to drop it off at fed ex the guy at the counter gave me absolute hell about sending out a reptile and I had to sit their and explain that I met all requirements to ship a reptile. Dont know if that guy was just having a bad day or what, but I’m curious if any of you have had a similar experience or not

Did you get certified? If I’m not mistaken, It takes a special FedEx account to ship live reptiles. I think they offer a Live Reptile Certification that you must pass in order to ship reptiles.

It happens usually you get those type of reactions from new or temporary employees, I have had some pretty hostile reactions from temps hired for the end of the year rush, which were based on ignorance and ignorance of the company’s policy.

Next time ask to talk to a supervisor if you have any issues so long you are of course certified or use a third party company that is.

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You can get certified however if you print your labels through companies such a SYR, Reptiles Express or Reptile 2 You, you are shipping under their certification and do not have to be certified yourself.

Because of the volume of those companies you get discounts much greater than those you would ever get with your own certified account.

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Thanks. That’s good to know, I was wondering how that worked.

I’m certified but I also ship through other companies such as SYR

Yeah I had asked for the supervisor and he profusely apologized as he should have because I was pretty much being screamed at and the guy at the counter made a scene about it. But it isnt right either way and to answer some other peoples questions, yes I am certified but I do ship through other companies