Shipping geckos

Hi there I am needing some help on shipping. How do I go about it? Who do I go through? TIA

There are a few outfits that allow you to ship

  • ShipYourReptile
  • ReptilesExpress
  • Reptiles 2 You

They all have fairly detailed instruction on how to go about it but in a nutshell:

Set up an account with them, fill out the info, print up the label, put it on the box, drop it at FedEx

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Is that the only option? They want to charge me a fortune. Some people I see just go through fedex

Shipments are done through FedEx, yes, but you‘d need a special license/account or something of that sort through FedEx. They have strict guidelines for shipping animals and normally don’t allow it. Would be much easier in the end to go through one of the above companies.

Not to mention FedEx’s normal retail rates are a LOT more expensive than what the companies charge.

It isn’t cheap either way, since you have to use priority overnight shipping for live animals. I usually see it go around $40-$80+ depending on where you’re shipping from/to and how big/heavy the package is.

I personally use ShipYourReptiles, and other breeders I know use Reptiles2You. So take your pick.


As TRN notes, with all of those companies you will be using FedEx. The companies themselves hold live animal permits and agreements with FedEx that allow them to “outsource” their permit to breeders.

Further, federal law (e.g., the Lacey Act) mandates that snakes and lizards must be shipped only by certain carriers. Other than FedEx, I believe the legal options are DeltaDash or some specific animal courier services. USPS is NOT one of those carriers so if you ship that way and get caught you will be punished (and also add a mark against the hobby that we really do not need)


We have a guide on shipping here:

"For best results, we recommend ShipYourReptiles for their suite of shipping services, guidelines and materials.

Book a Shipment and use the coupon code MORPH45 to get 45% off the FedEx retail rate on one shipment. Once completed, you’ll receive a file to print your label at home."

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