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Anyone have recent experience shipping Delta Dash (Commercial Cold Blooded)

I haven’t shipped Delta Dash in probably a decade. I used to be a verified shipper, but I guess that doesn’t apply anymore. I need to ship a 50+# female Burmese that is about 13’. They stated I need to follow IATA LAR guidelines for the container. Will they take a foam lined Home Depot tub that’s zip tied shut or do I need to build an actual crate?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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I haven’t shipped with it myself… however, Quick Google search says the following:

I vaguely remember NERD making a video last year with how they were shipping monitors in crates they were building, so likely a similar thing.

It’s also really frustrating trying to find the info since the IATA wants 300$ for the copy of the regulations and no one really has any good info on if that code applies to snakes in a Google search. It sucks that they didn’t give you more info as well.


I got this info from a vet at the Delta Cargo Live Animal Desk.

Dear Jim,

For questions regarding booking, reservations, fees, and capacity, please contact:

Within the US, call: 1-800-352-2746

Outside the US, call: 1-612-266-3900

Regarding the shipping of reptiles and amphibians:

  • Please review our updated website at:Specialized Live : Delta Cargo

  • We do not have temperature limit restrictions on the transportation of commercial cold blooded animals.

  • Health Certificates (CVI) are not required for reptiles and amphibians, unless being transported to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or an International destination.

  • Shippers MUST complete a Shipper’s Certification and Journey Declaration Form (see attached).

    • You will be required to provide the common and scientific names and quantity of animals per shipping container.
    • Animals are required to be shipped in containers that comply with the current version of IATA LAR for the animal species.
      • A Burmese Python must be in a container that complies with IATA LAR CR#44 (attached).
  • The booking window is 1-14 days before the date of travel.

  • On the day of departure, note that ample time is needed to ensure animals meet the requirements for transport. Animals can be accepted/processed 4-6 hours prior to departure for domestic travel and 6 hours prior to departure for international travel. Animals may not remain in the stations overnight in anticipation of an early flight the next morning.

    • For domestic travel, live animals must be accepted/processed by cargo agents 2.5 hours prior to departure.
    • For international travel, live animals must be accepted/processed by cargo agents 4 hours prior to departure.


Dr. Nelva Bryant


Live Animal Desk

Delta Air Lines


I have a close friend who ships Delta all the time because he mostly works with venomous. Ice chests with holes drilled in them for ventilation are his go to for shipping anything expensive. Home depot totes should work just fine.