Shipping or transporting eggs

I have seen this come up a few times but I have never had experience with it. How would you go about shipping or transporting eggs? I have a feeling that shipping is a horrible idea but transport by car seems doable.

Few years back when I moved I moved with eggs granted I only moved 10 miles what I did was secure the eggs by burying them in the substrate so there was no possibility of roll over, they were kept in a cooler with some heat packs.

For a long trip not only would you need to secure them in the substrate but also have a heat source and thermostat plugged in (which can be easily done with a power inverter)

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I moved 3 hrs away several months ago and had 2 clutches that i had to transport. I also used a cooler to put the tubs in, and used a warming disc (the kind u microwave to hold heat for puppies/kittens) and placed it in the cooler with the tubs. I did a few trial runs before the trip& It held the heat at about 87 the entire way. Both clutches hatched fine๐Ÿ˜Š