Shipping Queries

A question I’ve had for a long time is why some snakes are shipped in delis, and others are shipped in bags. I’ve bought both a garter and a ball python from the MM, prior came (safely!) in a deli, and the latter (also safely) in a bag. Is there a reason? Is it for safety, based on their species? When i start breeding my ballps, should i use bags and bags only?
I’ve seen ballps only shipped in bags, and (most) colubrids in cups.

As usual, here’s a pic of a snake in thanks for reading- Freyja being an adorable lady on my bed before getting a boop. (She then tried to poop on me in retri-boop-tion :rofl:)

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I would think a lot of it has to do with the body structure of the animal being shipped, age, and overall size. Mainly for safety/security reasons. BPs are heavier bodied snakes, so a bag is a little more practical and secure. As for Colubrids like garters, they tend to be quite small, fragile, and slender when they’re young. A deli is the best choice because they can worm their way out of bags quite easily, be it from a hole, defect, or just the bag not being tied quite right.


I agree with @noodlehaus
I think if you have a new baby corn or even something smaller like garter, African house snakes even leopard geckos I prefer a deli cup with paper towels in the bottom. Something with structure and maybe more anti crush properties. I have received and seen baby ball pythons in both deli cups and bags- both seem fine. I always did corns and kings in deli cups and usually preferred ball pythons in bags, I prefer the dark secured bags for the heavy bodied ball pythons personally, but both work fine if properly packed!