Shipping time seems too long

I am new to purchasing animals online, and having them shipped to me, so I guess I just need to know if I should be worried or not. I purchased a juvenile axolotl last week, that the seller shipped yesterday, which was Tuesday. It was shipped USPS Priority and the tracking says it won’t be here till Friday. This seems like a very long time for the little creature to be in a box. I was kind of under the impression that all live animals were shipped overnight, but having no experience with buying this way, I guess I could be wrong. I tried to get shipping details from the seller, before he sent it, but he was very vague and slow with his responses. He pretty much ghosted me after I paid him. I only know how it was shipped because I have Informed Delivery through USPS and got the tracking info that way.

Ok, scratch the last bit, he messaged while I was typing this with the tracking info and said he ships this way all the time (he must have some ESP, and knew I was talking about him). Anyway, my question still stands - is Tuesday to Friday too long to have an axolotl in a shipping box?

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  1. I’m not trying to get anyone in trouble, I am just a natural worrier.
  2. The price for shipping seemed low to me to start with ($25), so I did ask how it would be shipped. The response was “straight to your house”, which I took to mean “as quickly as possible”, but in reflection, the seller never actually said it would be quick, he just said where it would be going.

I wouldn’t worry a ton. I don’t know very much about axolotls but I know aquatic animals are pretty good about being shipped for longer periods than most and being okay. How’s the shops reviews? Is it 100% live arrival guarantee?

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Only three reviews, but they were all 5 stars. Store policy says “refund or replacement can be offered if DOA.” You are probably right, and it will be okay. I mean, it will be in water and in the dark, which is what axolotls like. I just worry…about everything…like a lot - it’s just my nature.

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So… For some odd reason, amphibians do not fall under the Lacey shipping regulations which makes using USPS a viable shipping option for them and many 'phib breeders will subsequently use it to save a few bucks on shipping.

Personally, I dislike the practice. Especially given that for the past few months USPS Priority Two-Day shipping has consistently been taking five to seven days to reach destinations for me (not animal shipments but everything else I have shipped recently). For about the same cost and significantly more consistent delivery time, FedEx 2nd-Day is a much better option


Depending on how the little one is packaged, 2-3 days should be fine. Aquatics tend to be okay with a little longer shipping period. I wouldn’t worry too much.

That said, @t_h_wyman makes a good point about USPS. I know someone that works internally and I can tell you, I wouldn’t trust them with an average shipment, let alone any containing a living thing at this time.

In the future, I suggest asking what their preferred shipping method is. If it’s not up to your standards and you’re willing to pay a bit more, ask if they can ship through one of the more common services like Redline or Ship Your Reptiles.


Couldn’t agree more. It’s a living creature. I would always choose the quickest route to get an animal from my hands to the buyers. I don’t want that stress of worrying if it made it three days later or not.


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So here is MHO: If I order ANYTHING live I want it the very next day, in other words OVERNIGHT. When the breeder asks me for the nearest FedEx hub to me, I feel confident that the breeder cares about his animals.

IMHO I don’t think any living thing should be cooped up in a box, that may or may not be packed probably, for days. The longer the travel time the more chances of mishaps. Aquatic shipments could lose air or water over the span of several days because anything can and will happen sometimes. Plus I can wait longer than overnight after I know it has been shipped! Lol!:lizard::frog::snake::upside_down_face:


Update: USPS appears to have come through this time, at least in terms of the expected delivery date. Tracking says it will be delivered today, which is a day earlier than originally estimated. I’ll update again when I unbox, but unless the package is handled roughly in transit, I think (hope) it will be fine. Given what time my mail usually runs, the axolotl (who’s name will be Grindle) will have only been in the box for 48 hours.

If I make any future purchases, I will be more insistent on getting the shipping details before I pay, and will offer to pay more for shipping if the seller’s intent is not to send the package overnight with a reputable carrier. TBH the thought of any animal being shipped, even overnight, makes me nervous, which is why I’ve never gotten one this way in the past. I have a very clear image from my security camera of a FedEx driver throwing a package from my driveway to my porch, from about 10 feet away, to support this nervousness. Luckily it was just a rug I had ordered, but he didn’t know that. There just aren’t any places near me to get axolotls, so I finally caved and did it this way.

Thank you, everyone, for trying to make me feel a bit better about the situation :slight_smile:
I will post again tonight when my new baby gets here.


It will be fine! Just next time……. Lol! :heart::frog::lizard::snake:

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Something else you can do - If you have an account with one of these drop shippers (Redline, SYR, ReptilesExpress, Reptiles2You, etc.) is to purchase the label under your account and then email it to the seller. I have done this a couple time and never received any push back from it


Arrived safe and sound :slight_smile:
and had a nice meal of bloodworms after exploring the new tank for bit


That axolotl is super cute! Even though I’m not likely going to ever get one, they are still an awesome species! I’m glad it arrived safely and everything is good.

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